Apartment Fit-outs by the Butler

Our clients may be in the process of buying, or have just purchased a property when they first contact us.  Or, they may be adding to their portfolio of properties we already care for on their behalf.  The Butler offers the service of fitting out the house and courtyards in this circumstance.

Upon discussing a budget to work within and the general taste of our client, ‘the look’ they are aiming for and their priorities in quality, we would then start shopping.  We spend money carefully – as if it were our own – and shop around for the best value and quality the budget allows.  We use wholesale accounts where that is the right product for the job, but have no loyalty deals with any particular suppliers – we simply purchase the best product at the best price.

Many years of experience in looking after holiday homes are invaluable at this time.  We have learned which brands last for years, and products that are easily serviced within Queenstown.  The logistics of running a holiday home that may need to be ‘turned over’ (new guests arriving the same day), within a few hours, requires beautiful, but easy-care linens and quick washing machines.  A house that has many different people staying in it is best to have easy-to-operate home theatre systems and dishwashers.

So, to have The Butler fit out a property we will look after is win/win. It is win for us, since we will not receive repeated calls to operate the TV… And win for our clients too – they receive the benefit of our years of experience to help out at the outset.  We aim not just for pretty, fashionable design, but practicality, long-range value and versatility.

Personal Holiday Home Fit-out

Our clients often do not live in Queenstown and the process of purchasing a property from out of town is difficult enough, without fitting it out, ready to live in.   The Butler offers the service of fitting out the house and courtyards in this circumstance, or liaising with contractors to manage a re-furbishment.