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Value For Money


When the email came through offering a deal on this restaurant, we were mystified as to where it was!  But, it sounded interesting and we booked it and googled the address and found it at the top of the newly refurbished Rydges hotel. We are local for many years and have been to this restaurant a few times.  It is now virtually unrecognisable except for those outstanding views! It is beautiful – modern decor, clean lines and colours, with booths or window seats and plenty of space for larger tables/groups.

Our waiter met us and toured us around the food on offer, explaining todays menu as he went. The Pumpkin, Cumin and Orange soup looked and sounded too tempting. We are kiwis so we have had a lot of Pumpkin Soup the  best ever! One of table went back for more after dessert.

From fresh, steamed prawns and mussels and raw oysters, delicious salads, deli bar, fresh wood-fired pizza, Paella, Maple-baked Salmon (our table took more than our share of this), roast Sirloin and potatoes, Chicken, Noodles, vegetarian options (sorry to be so vague – not what I dine out for, but the woman on a table close by was clearly vegetarian and returned many times looking happy with her selection).

Essentially, this is a quality buffet but you also have the option of having an aged steak, pizza and Asian steamed dumplings cooked to order and brought to your table when read – and included in the price. Desserts were modern, slices or small-jar versions of traditional items, with soft serve cones and quality Rocky Road for the chocolate lovers – all bases covered for desserts and delicious, just not where the focus is.

We ordered coffee – the real thing and perfect, made to order.  Coffee was additional the $69 mains price, as was the $10 per bottle of still water. delivered to the table.  The food is such good value, it wasn’t annoying, but would be best if the waiter explained this before-hand. The wine list was generally 200% – 300% mark up – pretty good – ranging from under $50 to $500 per bottle. Wine by the glass looked generous.

This is a great place to take large groups of varied ages. Also a good date place if you arrive early and get a window seat. The music was up-beat, not too loud and from the 50s to now – all great choices to add to the clean, fresh vibe. Staff were all friendly and feeling their way in a new kind of restaurant – for Queenstown. We will return many times!

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