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Beautiful Masculine Decor

Jervois Steak House is a truly beautiful Restaurant.  Attention to Detail in the leather seats and booths, lights set within the black ceiling, cow hide and skulls, art, historic Queenstown photographs have really established the ambience  of an Upmarket Texan Steakhouse.

Probably bad timing to arrive while the Maitre D was downstairs, but we were left at the desk for about three minutes. A waiter and waitress stood by the servery and ignored us. As the blonde waitress walked past with food, not even eye contact and a reassuring smile. Eventually a third waiter ventured a reassurance and the Maitre D soon arrived and apologised for the wait.  A professional at last!

Our beautiful Irish waitress, Anya was exceptionally friendly, professional and thorough and had several tables to look after. It might be the bane of Queenstown businesses  – all new staff – but there was no sign of members working as a team on this quiet Sunday night.

I ordered the Crab and Prawn entree – it was disappointing.  Little pieces of Crab leg meat and a Shrimp floating in very creamy, tasty white ‘soup’. So creamy that I just picked out the minimal seafood, I could not possibly have eaten the sauce.

Wine list is extensive with many local, NZ, Australian wines available and some French and American, all with the standard mark-up of 300%.

Our waitress said: “We recommend guests order a side and sauce to complete their meal”. So, steak or lamb $34-$56 +++then add $2.50 for a sauce and $7.50 for a side – another $10.  I just prefer a restaurant to send me out a complete meal for the price on the menu. Call me old fashioned. On saying that, the sides were generous enough for two and the sauce delicious.

Jervois Steak House does meat brilliantly – both in sourcing the latest fashion, high-end, NZ Wagyu (even listing the number of days it was presumably caged and grain-fed) cuts and in cooking it. Our lamb and beef were cooked to perfection.  But, to serve a piece of meat in the middle of a huge plate with other things on the side (if you chose to order it), just seems lazy to me. No attempt to turn a perfectly fine piece of meat into a meal. Purely my opinion.

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